Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back Online! 2 Old EPs

Two EPs, Radical, Intense and Awesome!! and Schizophonia Suite, both from 2008, are back on-line. "Radical" is a 10 song mashup beach party that ain't nuthin' but goofy fun. "It Is Such A Good Saturday Night" might be my fave, cramming the Bay City Rollers, the Dead Kennedys, Aaliyah, Wire, Bob Marley, Schooly D, Corona, and a '60s German ez-listening orchestra into 4 minutes.

"Suite," on the other hand, is a 5 track release of mashups/sound collages inspired by mental illness that is def. some of the weirder stuff I've ever done, so beware.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the reposts! I'm trying to rebuild my collection after a hard-drive crash.

    If I might put in a personal request, of the albums currently unavailable, I would most love to see "Sounds For The Space-Set" re-uploaded. It's a personal favorite and I'd love to be able to hear it again.