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I think I'll try to migrate my "Albums" page to here, thus saving me more bandwidth. If there's not much info on each album, or links are dead, please be patient. This is a work in progress.

RIAA: "The Wonderful World Of Sound" - Unreleased and uncollected mashups 2007-2010 (2012)

a four-hour-long "mix-album,"  in 10 separate mixes. The history, geography, culture, and politics of the United States is all fair game for RIAA's musical collages, incisive observations, and cheap jokes. (2010)

RIAA: "Reality is An Accident" -
some of the weirdest, wackiest stuff that we recorded in 2008/09. Features collaborations with People Like Us, and dj BC. 15 tracks (2009).

RIAA: "Sounds For The Swing Set" - A hallucinogenic trip thru vintage Vegas, timewarping into the Now. 16 tracks (2009)

"Madnight" - Inspirations: dreams, nightmares, Los Angeles noir film and literature, "lowbrow" and Surreal art, carnivals and sideshows, 78 rpm records, weird old black and white movies, autumn...21 tracks (2008),

"Risque, Illicit and Adult": RIAA's best mashups of 2007, 19 tracks (2008)

Sounds For The Space-Set": A mashup tribute to the pioneers of electronic music, a glamorous excursion thru the solar system, 22 tracks (2007)

RIAA: "Tech-xotica!!!" - Party-rockin' mashups and kooky comedy cut-ups; 26 tracks! (2006).

" Dirt Bacharach" - The lush, sophisticated melodies of Burt Bacharach's '60s classics vs the harsh sounds of modern music & life; 15 tracks (2006).

"Recording Industries Are Archaic" - RIAA's best/most popular mashups from 2005 (and a couple from 2004) Hard copies came in a recycled AOL tin, collage art included; 19 tracks.

Sounds For The Sun-Set" 2005 edition - Surf, Hawaiian, Caribbean beach party! 18 tracks.

Radical, Intense and Awesome!!: 10 song (69 sources!) summer beach party-a-go-go (2008).

Schizophonia Suite: Mashups/sound collages inspired by mental illness, 5 freaky tracks (2008).

MR FAB and His Bag O' Heads: Eleven slabs of spooky fun horror mashups and songs, some w/ original lyrics, vocals, instrumentation (2004-2007) [off-line]

Albums recorded mid-'90s to early '00s, mostly on floppy-disk sampler 8-track tape, w/analog synths:

MR FAB: "Dub and Dubber" - Famous rap and r&b intrumentals vs Mr Fab's mostly reggae (& some funk) live instruments

MR FAB: "Graffiti Beetles" - Fab Four instrumental tracks vs Mr Fab's spastic synth improvs

"Someone Can Kill This DJ Plz????" - Future-jazz from Hell: mind-bending synth work over hijacked beats; 11 tracks. [off-line]

"Jet-Set Discotheque" - Mash-ups/remixes & live instruments. An international dance party [off-line]

RIAA: "Horrorgasm!" [off-line] Audio surrealism; funky dance grooves meet bizarre thrift-store records

Contributions made to the following various-artist compilations:

"Interplanetary Materials" 2004 Space is the place for Otis Fodder's sci-fi themed compilation

"Bushwacked" 2004 sound-collages inspired by President Bush and the war in Iraq, compiled by Twinkleboi

"Monster Mash-Up" 2004 compiled by DJBC

"Merry Christmash" 2004 [offline] compiled by Cheekyboy

"Son of Monster Mash-Up"
2005 compiled by DJBC and Pilchard, hosted by solcofn

"Santastic: Holiday Boots 4 Your Stockings" 2005 compiled by DJBC

"Bride of Monster Mash-Up" 2006 by Mashup Industries

FOOLKLEGS Folkloric MashUps 2007 compiled by Funky Belek and Krazy Ben

Forgotten Hits 2007 mashups using obscure '60s intrumentals; compiled by Simon Iddol

BOOTWERK - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Kraftwerk 2007 compiled by Clivester

Mashing Pumpkins
- 2007 compiled by Cheekyboy

Calling All Fiends - 2007 original Halloween music, Mr Fab plays theremin, compiled by Oddio Overplay

Beat-Boot-ique Mashuptown Massacre" A halloween spook-tacular 2007

The Radio Clash File - James Bond/spy collection; 2007, compiled by TBC

It Is To Laff
- Comedy novelties; 2007 compiled by DJ Useo

KING OF THE ROAD - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Dean Martin - 2008, compiled by Clive$ter

Night of the Living Monster Mash-Up - 2008 compiled by Cheekyboy

"Mashed In Plastic," 2008 tribute to filmmaker David Lynch

Santastic Four - Christmas mashups, compiled by djBC - 2008

Café del Mash, 2009 a chill-out international comp; RIAA: "Happy Heart Of Home"

Muppet Mashup, 2009 djBC and friends saluting "The Muppets" and "Sesame Street."

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