Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Last RIAA Album: "The Wonderful World of Sound"

Here it is, at long last! 21 big hunks of mashup/sound collage goodness. Unreleased songs from unrealized projects, and previously uncollected compilation tracks..and probably some things that I didn't release for good reasons, heh heh. Since these were produced on a now-dead computer, I don't have the files for each song, hence, I'm listing each song's ingredients from memory. If I got anything wrong or incomplete, let me know, eh?

Lotsa rock 'n' roll with this batch, not as much weird thrift-store kitsch as previous RIAA releases, but there's still some silliness. And, of course, I reserve the right to reactivate RIAA whenever I feel like it. I'm planning to get into live instrument/vocal weirdness in the future...but I'm sure I'll still use sampling - I have too much old vinyl to ignore.

RIAA - "The Wonderful World of Sound"

1. "The Wonderful World of Sound" - 15 minute mash-mix includes: Monty Python, Laurie Anderson "From The Air," Television "Marquee Moon," Bob Marley "Is This Love," LaTour "People Are Still Having Sex,"John Williams "Cantina Band," Donna Summer "Love To Love You Baby," Dean Elliot interview, Bonzo Dog Band "Joke Store Man," "Softly As I Leave You," a few seconds of Whitehouse, radio PSAs, some drum break instro, The Feathers "Give Him Love," Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam "I Wonder If I Take You Home" bonus beats, stereo checkout album, Pink Floyd "Breathe," Kommunity FK "No Fear," Talking Heads "Road To Nowhere," Her Space Holiday "The Young Machines," Stooges "TV Eye"

2. "Come As The Eighties" - Nirvana "Come As You Are" vs the song they ripped off: Killing Joke "Eighties;" one of our most popular songs, despite the somewhat rough technical quality (no Cobain acapella available at the time); check the nice fan-made video and comments!

3. "I Got Soul and Rhythm" - Erik B and Rakim "I Know You Got Soul" (which, in turn, sampled James Brown), The Feelies "Raised Eyebrows," Bobby Darin "I Got Rhythm." Check it out:

4. "Split Myself And Go" - Meat Puppets "Split Myself In Two" vs Yaz "Don't Go"

5. "Autumn Money Pledge" - R. Stevie Moore "Pledge Your Money," NASA w/David Byrne & Chuck D. "Money," Yo La Tengo "Autumn Sweater"

6. "Tipsy Socialist" - J-kwon "Tipsy" vs PiL "Socialist"

7. "Hu-Man" - dialogue from "Rugrats," and the classic '50s badfilm "Robot Monster," tv announcer I got off youtube, The Grippers "Terror," Bob Seger "Hollywood Nights," latin percussion track

8. "Shimmy Like a Man" - Ol' Dirty Bastard "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" vs The Four Seasons "Walk Like A Man"

9. "I Am Learning How To Spell" - Mormon children's record cut-up; I am going to hell for this track alone

10. "Surf Tricks" - Phantom Surfers "Banzai Run" vs Kelis "Trick Me"; as I've said before,
I dreampt up this one. Yup, woke up with this combo in my head. So big ups to my subconscious!

11. "Surf Riot" - intro: dialogue from "Faster Pussycat Kill Kill," Dick Dale "Surf Beat" vs Sonic Youth "Teenage Riot," beat: Afrika Bambatta "Kick Out The Jams;" this and the previous song were originally on the various-artists collection "Summer Booty 2010," compiled by DJ Useo

12. "What a Wonderful Sidewalk" - Louis Armstrong "What A Wonderful World," a fairground organ version of "The Sidewalks of New York," HAL9000 from "2001: A Space Odessey," some real outer-space sound fx;
originally on the 2010 various-artists collection "Off The Beaten Meter: MashUps Beyond 4/4" compiled by DJ Not-I.

13. "Seen Your Video on the Discovery Channel" - The Replacements "Seen Your Video," Bloodhound Gang "The Bad Touch," Candy Girls feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline "Wham Bam," Spragga Benz "Pussy"

14. "Born to Run Run Run-DMC" - Bruce Springsteen "Born To Run," Run-DMC "My Adidas," Velvet Underground "Run Run Run"

15. "Shut Up And Take The Night" - Chelley "Took The Night" vs The Ting Tings "Shut Up and Let Me Go"; this one was Mrs Fabs' idea: she used to hear
"Took The Night" at her workout classes, and even came up with a new RIAA tag: "Rosemary's Inspiration: Aerobic Activity."

16. "Colors Inside My Heart" - Charlie The Hamster (a christian Chipmunks ripoff); Ice T "Colors," Stevie Wonder "Superstition," Link Wray "Jack The Ripper," Hal Lindsay from "1980s Countdown To Armageddon"

17. "Rectangle of the Beast" - The Church Universal and Triumphant Inc. feat. Elizabeth Clare Prophet "Dedication To The Tackling Of The Beast And The Dragon-The Momentum Of Rock And Roll" vs Gigi D'Agostino "Rectangle"

18. "I Found That Jesus Rare" - Adrian from the Bootie mashup club nights (where I've been known to dj) and the live mashup band Smashup Derby singing Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" vs Gang of Four "I Found That Essence Rare"

19. "Porn-Again Christian" -The Chakachas "Jungle Fever" vs a bunch of songs from a thrift-store christian record

20. "I'm a Pink Soldier in Army Room of the Lord" - David Lynch "The Pink Room" vs The Soul Stirrers "I'm a Soldier in Army of the Lord"

21. "Saturn Sea Organ" - the worlds' first sound-effects mashup? A "sea organ" (pitch-shifted to give it melody) vs radio emissions from the planet Saturn, I believe the same fx used on "What a Wonderful Sidewalk"

Much thanks to Mrs Fab, Adrian & Mysterious D, DJ Useo, DJ Not-I, windbag (for the Mormon record), acapellas4u and all the nice people who made available the acapellas. The next step in my musical evolution is forthcoming. So long and thanks for all the fish...

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