Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Someone posted the wacky RIAA mashup "Johnny SKAsh" (The Man In Black goes Jamaican, + lots of cartoon-ish sound bites) on YouTube, but it's not a video. Just a title card + music. So I'm not gonna add it to the "video" section.

And they titled it "RIIA" so it doesn't turn up if you do a YouTube search for RIAA mashups...but I guess any exposure is good, eh?

"Johnny SKAsh"

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Had an interesting email exchange with a listener who accused "USA" of a far-left slant. I pointed out that I thought everyone was equally covered - that's one of the great things about mashups, you can present two (or more) views simultaneously e.g.: someone's satirical Nixon speech cut-up mixed with a pro-Nixon song. But he thought even the use of right-wing sources betrayed a bias because the material used made the right look silly. You can't win, eh? (It's all really just sonic mulch to me...)

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Been getting some attention for "USA" from nice folks like:

Radio Clash, "UK's longest running-podcast" (not to mention an excellent blog) who correctly point out that, yes, I'm taking a breather from music-making for a bit. Can't say when I'll come back, but I hope "USA"'s lengthy length should keep you-all busy for a while.

Audio Porn Central - More European pals, who say: "We are speechless," heh heh; got a lot of hits from this one.

MetaFilter's readers left many cool comments e.g.: "...this really is one of those Whole Damn Point of the Internet moments."

I've heard that some radio stations (hello, Kalamzoo, MI!) have been playing bits of it but Googling 'RIAA' and/or 'USA' is a fairly hopeless proposition, so if any of you all hear it getting played somewhere, please leave a comment.

Thanks, good people!