Saturday, December 18, 2010


Here's a Captain Beefheart vs Young M.C. mashup from RIAA's 2007 album "Madnight" that I'm reposting to note the passing of one of the all-time greats. And no, I'm not talking about the Young M.C.

"Well, Bust A Move"

And speaking of "Madnight," big ups to Kill Ugly Radio who, just days ago, played almost all of it. Glad somebody likes it! That's one album that kinda came and went...

Friday, December 17, 2010


Don't forget! Your holiday is not complete without these 11 golden oldie ChrisKwanzaaCha tunes:

Mr Fab & His Bag O' Toys

Burn 'em to a cd - makes a cheap-ass xmas present!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Bootie franchise of mashup nightclub events has now hit Rio de Janeiro, and yours truly has helped Fabiano Moreira of Bootie Rio compile all the best Brazilian music mashups. Get his whole 62-minute carnival here:

Tem Gringo No Mashup

The title translates to "Foreigners in the Mashup,"
and it features two RIAA tracks, both featuring '60s lounge organ master Walter Wanderley: "It’s Like That Summer Samba" (w/Run DMC), and Poker Samba (w/Lady Gaga). And the mix is dedicated to me! (takes a bow) and Boston's dj BC.

Friday, November 5, 2010


This site is the home of:

- RIAA, raiding the sonic junkyards of the world to create toe-tappin' sound collages
Mr. Fab: DJ, record collector, blogger, analog synth/theremin improvs & silly songs

Wanna be on our mailing list?! Or just wanna say 'hi'?

PO Box 876
North Hollywood, CA 91601


- In 2005 Beck - yes, the Beck - posted a link on his site to RIAA's tune "Bring The Strippers!"

- Broad/web/podcast play all over the world has included:

-- WFMU's "Do or D.I.Y." program, who once featured a 45-minute mix of RIAA musics. Host Vicki Bennett (a legend in mashup/sound collage circles for her work as People Like Us) has described our music as "wonderful, spirited and courageous." Ms. People Like Us has frequently commissioned mash-mixes from RIAA for the show.
-- The IdioAudio show on Toronto station CKLN once featured an hour of RIAA musics.
-- Slander Bob on Austin, TX KAOS played a big ol' 2-hour mix of our stuff Feb. 2010.
-- Mashup of the Day on Los Angeles' Indie103 (an actual commercial station that has since changed formats)

- RIAA was asked to contribute an (unused) mashup to the 2006 Antonio Banderas film "Take The Lead"

- RIAA's song "Wake Me Up When September 11 Ends" won WFMU's "Remix Rudy"
contest out of 50 or so entries. The prize: a big box full o' CDs, T-shirts, trading cards, books 'n' things.

- Our 2006 album "
Dirt Bacharach" made WFMU's Top Ten Albums of the Year list, and was ranked #1 on John Sakamoto of the Toronto Star's "Anti-Hit List" who described it as "one of the year's most startling full-length mash-up projects."

- Mr Fab has DJed at
BootieLA. Bootie is America's first, and most acclaimed, mashup club.

Check out this video interview part 1 and part 2 featuring Mr. Fab, and Adrian & The Mysterious D. from Club Bootie from 2005 .

- Here's an interview I gave to the syndicated show Some Assembly Required in 2006 - not terribly informative, but mildly amusing.- The British podcast Saturday Night With The Who Boys had a fairly ridiculous interview with Mr Fab in '07.
- Here is a more useful interview, courtesy of DJ Useo and Bartcop Entertainment.

- RIAA tunes have been spun by DJs at clubs and music events around the world

- From April 2003 to June 2004, Mr. Fab operated Pranksta Radio, an all mashup/sound-collage music online station, on Live365.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This might be a first - an actual print review of my tuneage. Yup, not an internet review. It's in the latest issue of "Twilight World," a good ol' fashioned 'zine (didn't know there were any 'zines still around in these bloggy times).

It's a review of "USA," calling it "one big piece of audio cake! Needless to say, the details and the soundscape are deep, expected, unexpected and dramatic!...and there's too many highlights to even think about listing here...well, that part where Michael Jackson vamps along with an old KKK recruitment song tackled my attention with a bloody nose. This bold example shows Mr. R's bravery and scope here; taking a small peek at the underbelly while looking far and wide to pin-point the collective character of our fair over-grown country."

There's more in the review, as well as other swell articles on John Waters' latest book, Harvey Pekar, forgotten Vegas, etc. Well worth your two bucks. Thanks Don-O!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You CANNOT Put Razor Blades in Apples...

...ever tried it? You end up slicing the apple in half. Your Halloween safety tip for the day. And if you want some more, here's a Halloween safety YouTube video featuring a cat, and it uses my song "Thereming." Awesome!

"Thereming" originally appeared on the OddioOverplay "Calling All Fiends" comp (now up on WFMU's Free Music Archive), then on my Halloween music collection "Mr. Fab & His Bag o' Heads." It's already appeared in a couple of videos, and at least one haunted house (Frightmare Forest in Iowa) has used it. This tune gets around...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Someone posted the wacky RIAA mashup "Johnny SKAsh" (The Man In Black goes Jamaican, + lots of cartoon-ish sound bites) on YouTube, but it's not a video. Just a title card + music. So I'm not gonna add it to the "video" section.

And they titled it "RIIA" so it doesn't turn up if you do a YouTube search for RIAA mashups...but I guess any exposure is good, eh?

"Johnny SKAsh"

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Had an interesting email exchange with a listener who accused "USA" of a far-left slant. I pointed out that I thought everyone was equally covered - that's one of the great things about mashups, you can present two (or more) views simultaneously e.g.: someone's satirical Nixon speech cut-up mixed with a pro-Nixon song. But he thought even the use of right-wing sources betrayed a bias because the material used made the right look silly. You can't win, eh? (It's all really just sonic mulch to me...)

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Been getting some attention for "USA" from nice folks like:

Radio Clash, "UK's longest running-podcast" (not to mention an excellent blog) who correctly point out that, yes, I'm taking a breather from music-making for a bit. Can't say when I'll come back, but I hope "USA"'s lengthy length should keep you-all busy for a while.

Audio Porn Central - More European pals, who say: "We are speechless," heh heh; got a lot of hits from this one.

MetaFilter's readers left many cool comments e.g.: "...this really is one of those Whole Damn Point of the Internet moments."

I've heard that some radio stations (hello, Kalamzoo, MI!) have been playing bits of it but Googling 'RIAA' and/or 'USA' is a fairly hopeless proposition, so if any of you all hear it getting played somewhere, please leave a comment.

Thanks, good people!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RIAA: "USA" Torrent Now Available

By request, here's a


Hope it works, I'm new to this.

RIAA "USA: The Singles"

Here's a radio-friendly!! collection of 18 pop-song-sized excerpts from "USA" (including sample sources):

USA: The Singles

01 The Kitchen of Tomorrow (the film "Design For Dreaming," Esquivel, Mark Farina, Martin Denny)
02 Sweet Dreams of Destruction (The Eurythmics, Barry McGuire, Marilyn Manson) *
03 I Shall Overcome Smiling Faces (Hard Fi, The Undisputed Truth, Led Zeppelin)
04 American Fuhrer (Green Day, Spike Jones, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings)
05 Hey Ho Plateau (The Ramones, the Audio 2, the Meat Puppets)
06 Strange Strings (Billie Holiday, Samuel Barber)
07 Marty '79 (Lemon Jelly, Ernest Borgnine from the film "Marty")
08 Happy Heart of Home (Nelson Riddle, 2pac, "DuBarry Makeup Routine," Gaynor and Dorothy Maddox, Beastie Boys beatz)
09 Long Live the Fertile Meadows (Limewax, Public Enemy, Talking Heads)
10 Mr Firestarter Lover Man (William Shatner, Prodigy, Sly & the Family Stone, The MC5, "Don't Know Much About History" audio book, Chic, Tom Jones, David Peel & The Lower East Side, Black Sabbath's manager and rioting fans)
11 Jesus Gonna be in Devil Town (Sinatra, Tom Waits, Daniel Johnston)
12 The Lonely Soldier (U.S. Marines, Jack Nitzsche)
13 McDubalds ("Where Was God on Sept. 11?" audio book, Barry Manilow, The Clash, Mojo Nixon, Tom Waits)
14 Go West, Young Mr Blue Sky (ELO, The Village People, Will Smith)
15 Rosie's Trippin' (Dick Dale, "Negro Prison songs")
16 I Wish You Wouldn't Come Over (Gnawledge, Talking Heads, X, "Bess Rothman's Charm With Cents")
17 Lets Have A Macarena (Hal Lindsey, Victor Lundberg, Los Del Rio, Fear)
18 Pleasant Valley Duck and Cover (the Monkees, Civil Defense Dept.)

* Not only did ma homie Voicedude help in the making of this tune, he actually knows Barry McGuire personally and played him the song.
McGuire was amazed!

Monday, July 19, 2010

RIAA Presents "USA," a "Mix-Album" in 10 Parts

"USA" is a four-hour-long "mix-album," conveniently divided into 10 separate mixes. The history, geography, culture, and politics of the United States is all fair game for RIAA's musical collages, incisive observations, and cheap jokes.

The nation of The United States of America is a big subject, and I don't pretend to be offering anything close to a comprehensive overview of the country - this is a musical project. That is, an experiment in mixing and mashing any audio related to the U.S. There is material here that will seem controversial to some, but I'm not using "USA" as a soapbox. This isn't political satire, really, because that implies a point of view that the composer is trying to push, and I think of this more as a portrait. A surreal, fun-house mirror portrait perhaps, but nonetheless, I just wanted to let everyone speak for themselves.

By "mix-album," I mean a collection of mixes
rather than a collection of songs. The mixes' length range from 15 - 30 minutes; the final mix is 47 minutes. Tho the mixes can stand alone, they are meant to be played in sequence. Many mashups are just "A + B." This album uses roughly 335 different sources, and that's a conservative estimate.

Disk 1: Part 1 (The America Dream), Part 2 (The Battle of Las Vegas), Part 3 (The Home Sweet Home Suite)

Disk 2: Part 4 (Part Four's Called 'War'), Part 5 (Dark City), Part 6 (p2p)

Disk 3: Part 7 (Revolutions), Part 8 (Worker's Weekend), Part 9 (It's A Mighty Rocky Road)

Disk 4: Part 10 (Take Me To The Mardi Gras - An American Mosaic)

Torrent available HERE!

UPDATE 8-3-10: "USA: The Singles" - 19 radio-friendly pop song-sized excerpts from "USA"

Part 1
(The America Dream) Let us Overture, sort of. Features: The JFK Singers, Martin Luther King, radio scanning, Bruce Springsteen, Run-DMC, 2 Live Crew, Iggy Pop, Johnny Rebel, Michael Jackson, Bomb The Bass, Patti Smith, Jeru the Damaja, Donna Summer, film: “Perversion For Profit,” Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Bill Cosby, 808 State, Jack Webb, various preachers and radio hosts. [A somewhat different version of this first appeared on WFMU's "Do or DIY with People Like Us," July 3, 2008]

Part 2 (The Battle of Las Vegas) A showdown between America's 2 most powerful forces: freedom! Making it's stand in anything-goes Vegas, and, in the other corner... Puritanism! Fighters of the "dork side"; Who will win?! Features: A Tribe Called Quest, The Gun Club, Hunter S. Thompson, Elvis, Murs & Slug, The Village People, Neil Young, Wayne Newton, Westboro Baptist Choir, Devo, Ice Cube, Frank Sinatra, "Trading Spouses" tv show, Mercyful Fate, Tom Waits, Daniel Johnston, Hal Lindsey, Bobby Darin, film: "10.5 Apocalypse", Brian Eno & David Byrne,
Limewax, Public Enemy, Talking Heads [A very different version of this first appeared on WFMU's "Do or DIY with People Like Us," July 3, 2008
Part 3 (Home Sweet Home Suite) Immigration to the New World, Western Expansion, the suburban dream...and the Cold War. Features: the film "My Own Private Idaho," Mason Adams, "Henry and Mom," and other home recordings, Wee Willie, Esther Lee, the Musical Betts, Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, John Williams & The Boston Pops, American Quartet, New Christie Minstrels, Joseph Byrd, US Air Force Band, ELO, The Village People, Will Smith, Griz Green, John Barbour, the Revolting Cocks, from the "Standard Oil: Our Nation's Heritage" series, folk musicians from an album called "Authentic USA", Black Flag, the Gun Club, the Buzzcocks, Esquivel, the Descendents, Nelson Riddle, 2pac, "DuBarry Makeup Routine," Gaynor and Dorothy Maddox, Beastie Boys, John Wayne, Tom Hartman, Ennio Morricone, newsreel/news reports, the Monkees, Civil Defense Dept., The Eurythmics, Barry McGuire, Marilyn Manson. [Portions of this mix first appeared as "Happy Heart of Home" on the 2009 various-artists on-line collection "Cafe del Mash," and as the song "Sweet Dreams of Destruction," released as in internet single in 2007.]

Part 4 (Part Four's Called 'War'), features:
Civil Defense Dept., The German Shepherds, Boris Karloff, Hal Lindsey, Victor Lundberg, Los Del Rio, Fear, Edwin Starr, US Army, David Bowie, Jack Henry, Monty Python, from the "Standard Oil: Our Nation's Heritage" series, USA Air Force, Jimmy Carrol, someone reading from the Bible, Public Enemy, The Stooges, U.S. Marines, Jack Nitzsche

Part 5 (Dark City): The black experience, from slavery to the present day; city life; and intersections of the two. 'Cause it's all about money...Featuring: Floyd McClellan, Stanley Wilson, Body Count, The MC5, NWA,
Zazu Pitts Memorial Orchestra, Stevie Wonder, Fear, Dickie Goodman, "Dialect of the Black American," Jimmy Castor Bunch, someone else reading from the Bible,The O'Jays, Shirley Temple, Britney Spears, KRS-ONE, Beastie Boys, Arthur Collins, Byron G. Harlan, Al Trace, Hard Fi, The Undisputed Truth, Led Zeppelin (ripping off Muddy Waters), Bessie Jones, The Last Poets, Spanky and Our Gang, Eric B & Rakim, Elvis, Afrika Bambatta, Ladysmith Black Mambazo & Paul Simon, NPR stories, Arthur Lymon, film: "Capitalism," Bob Thompson, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Barret Strong, EPMD

Part 6 (p2p) "p2p" = "peer-to-peer" = "power to the people" Featuring:
John Williams & The Boston Pops, the Soup Dragons, film: "The Wild Angels," NWA, The Doors, from the "Standard Oil: Our Nation's Heritage" series, Boris Karloff, "The Altered Nixon Tape," Rodd Keith, Doc Severinson, Cilvaringz, DJ Foundation/Sonny & Cher, Ray Kroc, Jonathan and Darlene Edwards, Prairie Fire, Moody Boyz, NPR stories, They Might Be Giants, "Your Living Constitution," Ralph Nader, Ayers-Mitchell, Fred Schneider, B 52s, Green Day, Spike Jones, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, Mr Rogers, radio preachers, Electronic Concept Orchestra, "Elvira's Theme," Vic Mizzy, Creed Taylor, "Where Was God on Sept. 11?" audio book, Barry Manilow, The Clash, Mojo Nixon, Tom Waits, Hilton Sutton, Keith & Rusty McNeil, Immortal Technique, "Ragtime," Art of Noise, MC Hawking, Edward Meeker.

Part 7 (Revolutions) From the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, the Sexual Revolution, the Counter-Culture Revolution, to...Dance Dance Revolution. We're revolting. Featuring the film "Design For Dreaming," Esquivel, Mark Farina, Martin Denny, Desi Arnez, Gnawledge, Talking Heads, X, "Bess Rothman's Charm With Cents,"
folk musicians from an album called "Authentic USA", Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Ray Charles, Brooks and Dunn, Dean Martin, "Moulin Rouge theme," Portishead, "The Christopher Recordings on Sex Education," "I Love Little Pussy," from the "Standard Oil: Our Nation's Heritage" series, Toby Keith, Fred Phelps, Joseph Byrd, The Village People, Jimi Hendrix, Dianna Ross, Air, radio documentaries, William Shatner, Prodigy, Sly & the Family Stone, The MC5, "Don't Know Much About History" audio book, Chic, Tom Jones, David Peel & The Lower East Side, Black Sabbath's manager and rioting fans.

Part 8 (Worker's Weekend)
An 18-minute visit to someplace like Minneapolis on a Saturday night in, say, 1953: midget wrestling, bowling, bingo, ventriloquism, tiki bars, freak shows, going to the polka dance, and, eventually, finding true love. Features Groucho Marx, "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," Fatboy Slim, the Guckenheimer Sauerkraut Band, Kobe Bryant & Tyra Banks, Shriners (not a band), The Tom Tom Club, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The Boston Typewriter Orchestra, "The Charleston," The Germs, Yma Sumac, Lemon Jelly, Ernest Borgnine, bits of Whitney Houston and Phil Collins, Tony Bennett, Wilco, factory sound fx, and lots of scratchy old thrift-store records. [A slightly different version of this first appeared on the syndicated "Friendly Persuasion" radio show in June 2010.]

Part 9 (It's A Might Rocky Road) You're a grown-up now - you decide to drive cross-country, and look for America...Featuring: "Ross' 21st Birthday" (home recording,) Tartaglia, Simon & Garfunkel, Kraftwerk, NPR news stories, Ronald McDonald, the Johnny Mann Singers,
Mike Bozzoli, Das Racist, Alabama Sacred Harp Singers, AC/DC, Harry Partch, Run-DMC, documentary audio of singing hobos, Allman Brothers.

Part 10 (Take Me To The Mardi Gras - An American Mosaic) Features: "Jurassic Soundscapes," Miles Davis, Paul Simon, Blondie, Kiowa war dance, Cal Tjader,
folk musicians from an album called "Authentic USA", James Brown, Doobie Brothers, Louis Armstrong, Tom Jones, The Ramones, the Audio 2, the Meat Puppets, Beau Jacques, Johnny Cash, Dennis Kamakahi, Buckwheat Zydeco, Anthony Braxton, radio ad, Dick Dale, "Negro Prison songs," Billie Lee Riley, The Silhouettes, Carl Perkins, Geto Boyz, Gershwin, The Dixie Cups, Bo Diddley tribute: The Smiths, Carl Kassel, The Strangeloves, Bow Wow Wow, David Bowie, The Pretenders, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Guns 'n' Roses, U2; Scott Joplin, Snap, "gandy dancers," Slayer, 13th Floor Elevators, Anti-Pop Consortium, Arthur Lyman/Richard Rodgers, Billie Holiday, Samuel Barber, Vera Hall, The Fall, Mavis Staples, B52s, George Carlin, Bad Religion, Buffalo Springfield, Paul Whiteman and His Ambassador Orchestra, The Byrds, YouTube audio, and...George W. Bush.
All parts feature: misc. sound effects; and beats from drum machines, Fatboy Slim's "Skip To My Loops,"
"Beats, Breaks, Raw Drums" by Tortoise drummers Bitney, Herndon, and McEntire, and "OM:10 a Decade of Future Music," and probably other sources I've forgotten or overlooked. I'm sure the above list isn't complete.

A thousand thankyous to: all the artists whose works I've sampled, Mrs Fab,
gybo, Voicedude, DJ Cougar, WFMU, Ken Freedman, People Like Us, Li'l Bro Paul Fab, Otis Fodder, contributors to the 365 Days Project, music blogs I downloaded stuff from e.g.: A Basement of Curiosities, Way-Out Junk, Beware of the Blog, crudcrud (and there were probably others), whichever friend of mine came up with the idea for the "Luck Be A Lady" parody, Spacebrother Greg, the NPR news archives, YouTube,, and the libraries, thrift-stores and used record shops of Los Angeles.

I started this a few years ago using Sony Acid Pro v.4, and ended it using v.7. Also used: SoundForge, Adobe Audition, Hammerhead.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


RIAA has contributed two tracks to the three-disk (!) various-artists compilation

"Summer Booty 2010"

showcasing mashup producers from around the world. The songs are:

"Surf Trick" - Kelis' "Trick Me" vs The Phantom Surfers' "Banzai Pipeline" (this track is also available on the "Soul Surfing" black surf music comp I put together for Music For Maniacs blog.). True story: I dreampt up this one. Yup, woke up with this combo in my head. So big ups to my subconscious!

"Surf Riot" - Dick Dale "Surf Beat" vs Sonic Youth "Teenage Riot"

Much thanks to DJ Useo for putting this one together.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Upcoming RIAA Mix on WFMU

RIAA, the mashup/sound collage project of Los Angeles DJ/musician Mr. Fab, returns to Do or DIY for another exclusive mix. "The Kitchen of Tomorrow," an excerpt from the forthcoming epic "USA," will be featured, drawing on such sources as old industrial films, easy-listening musics, and instructional records to humorously depict the changing role of women in American society.

Do or DIY with People Like Us:

WFMU 91.1 fm, 90.1 fm
, Wednesday, June 30th, 7pm - 8pm (Eastern Standard Time) - my mix is 10 minutes long. You can listen live if you're in the New York/New Jersey area, or on-line.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Once again, the Friendly Persuasion show has featured yours truly. Yesterday's show featured a sneak preview of an epic RIAA project called "USA" that, when completed, will be (yikes) 4 hours long.

"Worker's Weekend" is an 18-minute visit to someplace like Minneapolis on a Saturday night in, say, 1953: midget wrestling, bowling, bingo, ventriloquism, tiki bars, freak shows, going to the polka dance, and, eventually, finding true love.

Features bits of Tony Bennett, Wilco, Groucho Marx, Fatboy Slim, Kobe Bryant, The Tom Tom Club, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The Boston Typewriter Orchestra, "The Charleston," The Germs, Yma Sumac, Lemon Jelly, Ernest Borgnine, and lots of scratchy old thrift-store records

Friday, April 30, 2010


In an action-packed episode of the internationally-distributed radio show

Friendly Persuasion,"

hosted by the legendary Otis Fodder, Mr Fab will spin "Forbidden 45s!" for 45 minutes. Yep, all 7" oddities recorded off my vinyl. Musical saws! Ukuleles! Scatman Crothers covering Nervous Norvus! And other mostly '50s and '60s excursions into exotic, silly, and sleazy realms.

UPDATE: Forget what I said about a new RIAA mix - that's for later.

April 30th, Noon-3pm Pacific Standard Time; should be archived at various places, tho perhaps not forever. Thanks, Otis!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mashups Storm The Academy!

I'm interviewed in:

Mashnography: Creativity, Consumption, and Copyright in the Mashup Community

By Liam McGranahan
A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Program in Music: Ethnomusicology at Brown University

is now available in all it's 249-page glory here: ... ished.html

It may even become a book. After Liam sent me the link, I wrote:

Hi Liam:

I read through your paper, and it is the best work yet on the subject. The crucial difference between your work and the usual clueless media handling of the subject is the time you spent inside the mashup world: careful listening to the music, and getting to know us.

Admitedly, I didn't read it all word-for-word (I skipped thru some of the academic-speak!), but even in the context of an academic paper, your passion for the music came thru loud and clear. I hope this does become a book.

Friday, April 2, 2010

VIDEO: "It's Whiskey"

Too late for St. Patrick's Day, but nonetheless, another fan-made video has been added to the Video page: "It's Whiskey": "From the mashup album "Straight Outta Ireland," this track combines Run-DMC's "It's Tricky" with the classic Irish tune "Whisky in the Jar." It was created by RIAA for entertainment purposes only. All audio components are copyrighted by their respective owners. This video also contains snippets of footage from news reports, music videos and various user-uploaded videos of St. Patrick's Day parades up to and including the year 2010."

Thanks to ShortyLongstrokin!

Monday, March 15, 2010


"Dub & Dubber" is now back up - probably the best of my '90s/recorded-on-8-track-cassette primitive years. It's mostly live synths played over instrumentals taken from hip-hop 12" singles with, as you may have guessed by the title, a strong reggae influence.

When I transferred the tapes to mp3 and posted them on-line back in '04, one of the first great music blogs 'Spoilt Victorian Child' raved about it, calling it "genius." A lot of stuff on this album still sounds pretty darn cool to my ears. And some doesn't. Ah, well. Let me know what you think...
Mr Fab - "Dub and Dubber"

1. Code's Megadub: Schooly D "Code's Megamix" vs Silvertones "Merry Merry Christmas Time" (dub mix)
Mod Bovyin: Beastie Boys "Body Movin'"
SKAmwhere My Love: Mrs Miller "Somewhere My Love"
Hock Lard Knife: Jay-Z "Hard Knock Life," Pere Ubu "Blow Daddy-O"
Dub Wrong: Biggie Smalls "Dead Wrong"
Rock The Delay: RUN-DMC "Rock The House," Serge Gainsbourgh "Des Lais"
I'm the Yeah You: Beastie Boys "The Maestro"
Aromatic Prawns: Sammy Davis Jr "I Am Over 25 (But You Can Trust Me)"
Bathroom Freak Now: American Standard Co. "My Bathroom," Red Hot Chili Peppers "Give It Away," Missy Elliot "Get Yr Freak On"
DubButt: E.U. "Da Butt"
They Don't Know Mr Fab Don't Go For That: De La Soul "They Don't Know That The Soul Don't Go For That"
Pee Wee's Dub: Joeski Love "Pee Wee's Dance"
Lunar Luau Dub: Marty Gold/Walter Sear "Good Night," Portishead "Wandering Star," drums: John Bonham
Charm School Adagio: "Charm With Cents" - a "charm school" record
City of Devil Dreams: "Exorcism" from Halloween sound-fx record, David Rose "City of Sleeping Dreams"
Dub Within The System
Mostly recorded late '90s, early '00s: turntable, floppy-disc sampler, 8-track tape recorder, analog synths, percussion, drum programming.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's up! Slander Bob's big ol' RIAA mix show for Austin radio KAOS:

I did the mashups (some going back years), but Slander Bob did the mixing, and groovy mixing it is indeed, e.g. cutting back and forth from "Bowel movements" and "Hookers for Jesus," stuff like that. And he added drop-ins from kiddie records, ads, etc. Very cool.

Mucho grassy-ass, Bob!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RIAA Radio Special

Yee-haw! A Big ol' Texas-sized radio show is dedicating a special episode to RIAA. Slander Bob from KAOS 95.9 sez: "I do a whole block of programming Sundays called Slander Sundays... I played a small block of R.I.A.A. last week on my Turntablism / Mix show...I was going to do an Artist Showcase of R.I.A.A. mixes this Sunday...So here is the info...
R.I.A.A. Artist Showcase on
on Slander Bob's "Potential Nightmare Mix Show"
Jan 31st, 2010 1AM-3AM CST
Here is the link to last weeks show: "

Thanks Bob, can't wait!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


...for recently playing our tunes:

Friendly Persuasion - Otis Fodder's been hosting this crucial excursion into the weird and wonderful on and off for 10 years now (in internet-land, that's ancient!)

DJ Shoe of KUNV's The Lyons Den radio show played "Santa's Acid Hawaiian Space Disco" on his "Christmas mix 2009" show.

Station Manager
Ken on WFMU has been playing plenty off the new RIAA collection "Reality Is An Accident," and both he and the Bopst Show played some stuff off of 2008's dark 'n' creepy "Madnight" collection recently.

Speaking of "Reality..." the
AudioPornCentral music news blog mentioned it, calling us their "fave mad music genius" (Gosh!)

KGNU's "
Afternoon Sound Alternative" WTJU's "Radio Wowsville," and le Mamie Van Doren Show from Toulouse, France also gave spins to tracks off the new collection.
"Some Assembly Required" and DJ Useo's podcasts have been playing us consistently for so long now, I feel that they should get another mention - just for being them.

Listen to all these shows! Buy whatever they're selling! Have their babies! Cuz they all rock 'n' rule, and I appreciate the spins.