Thursday, September 16, 2010


Had an interesting email exchange with a listener who accused "USA" of a far-left slant. I pointed out that I thought everyone was equally covered - that's one of the great things about mashups, you can present two (or more) views simultaneously e.g.: someone's satirical Nixon speech cut-up mixed with a pro-Nixon song. But he thought even the use of right-wing sources betrayed a bias because the material used made the right look silly. You can't win, eh? (It's all really just sonic mulch to me...)


  1. It doesn't have to be "fair and balanced." It's not a bad thing to have a political slant but it's definitely there. And you seem to be groundlessly accusing Toby Keith of pedophilia.

  2. "you seem to be groundlessly accusing Toby Keith of pedophilia" Ha!

    Well, that was most certainly not my intent, just thought it was 2 songs that went well together, and was funny. Now if I had used a Gary Glitter song...

  3. The thing is ... conservatives aren't concerned that their radio talk shows are ideologically slanted because they are exactly what they say on the tin - conservative talk radio. But what left-wing media people tend to do is pretend they're fair and objective while being subtly or blatantly partisan. That kind of pretense isn't supposed to exist on the right.

    The big exception to this is FOX news where they started out trying to be "fair and balanced" in their news segments and openly partisan in their commentary but since at least 2004 they've been heavily slanted to the right even in their news, making "fair and balanced" nothing more than a slogan.

    Anyway the point is it's OK to be partisan, as long as you admit it, as long as what you're doing is what it says on the tin. I'm thinking about doing a mix album that is openly partisan.