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This site is the home of:

- RIAA, raiding the sonic junkyards of the world to create toe-tappin' sound collages
Mr. Fab: DJ, record collector, blogger, analog synth/theremin improvs & silly songs

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North Hollywood, CA 91601


- In 2005 Beck - yes, the Beck - posted a link on his site to RIAA's tune "Bring The Strippers!"

- Broad/web/podcast play all over the world has included:

-- WFMU's "Do or D.I.Y." program, who once featured a 45-minute mix of RIAA musics. Host Vicki Bennett (a legend in mashup/sound collage circles for her work as People Like Us) has described our music as "wonderful, spirited and courageous." Ms. People Like Us has frequently commissioned mash-mixes from RIAA for the show.
-- The IdioAudio show on Toronto station CKLN once featured an hour of RIAA musics.
-- Slander Bob on Austin, TX KAOS played a big ol' 2-hour mix of our stuff Feb. 2010.
-- Mashup of the Day on Los Angeles' Indie103 (an actual commercial station that has since changed formats)

- RIAA was asked to contribute an (unused) mashup to the 2006 Antonio Banderas film "Take The Lead"

- RIAA's song "Wake Me Up When September 11 Ends" won WFMU's "Remix Rudy"
contest out of 50 or so entries. The prize: a big box full o' CDs, T-shirts, trading cards, books 'n' things.

- Our 2006 album "
Dirt Bacharach" made WFMU's Top Ten Albums of the Year list, and was ranked #1 on John Sakamoto of the Toronto Star's "Anti-Hit List" who described it as "one of the year's most startling full-length mash-up projects."

- Mr Fab has DJed at
BootieLA. Bootie is America's first, and most acclaimed, mashup club.

Check out this video interview part 1 and part 2 featuring Mr. Fab, and Adrian & The Mysterious D. from Club Bootie from 2005 .

- Here's an interview I gave to the syndicated show Some Assembly Required in 2006 - not terribly informative, but mildly amusing.- The British podcast Saturday Night With The Who Boys had a fairly ridiculous interview with Mr Fab in '07.
- Here is a more useful interview, courtesy of DJ Useo and Bartcop Entertainment.

- RIAA tunes have been spun by DJs at clubs and music events around the world

- From April 2003 to June 2004, Mr. Fab operated Pranksta Radio, an all mashup/sound-collage music online station, on Live365.

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