Sunday, October 31, 2010


This might be a first - an actual print review of my tuneage. Yup, not an internet review. It's in the latest issue of "Twilight World," a good ol' fashioned 'zine (didn't know there were any 'zines still around in these bloggy times).

It's a review of "USA," calling it "one big piece of audio cake! Needless to say, the details and the soundscape are deep, expected, unexpected and dramatic!...and there's too many highlights to even think about listing here...well, that part where Michael Jackson vamps along with an old KKK recruitment song tackled my attention with a bloody nose. This bold example shows Mr. R's bravery and scope here; taking a small peek at the underbelly while looking far and wide to pin-point the collective character of our fair over-grown country."

There's more in the review, as well as other swell articles on John Waters' latest book, Harvey Pekar, forgotten Vegas, etc. Well worth your two bucks. Thanks Don-O!

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