Tuesday, October 11, 2011


...I'm gonna post an album's worth of leftover RIAA tracks when I get a new computer and all technical difficulties are resolved. Maybe 15 tracks or so. Featuring: some songs already released that were "singles," or contributions to various-artists collections, Such as:

- Split Myself And Go (Yaz vs Meat Puppets)
- Surf Tricks (Phantom Surfers vs Kelis)
- Surf Riot (Dick Dale vs Sonic Youth)

and some unreleased songs that were intended for unrealized projects, as well as a 15-minute mix called "The Wonderful World Of Noise" that I think was originally done for WFMU, and a piss-take called "Porn Again Christian." Among other - I'll have to scroll thru the harddrive and see what other wonders await. Plenty of crap and unfinished tracks clog up my drive, but I'll be sparing you those. One of these days...