Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Bootie franchise of mashup nightclub events has now hit Rio de Janeiro, and yours truly has helped Fabiano Moreira of Bootie Rio compile all the best Brazilian music mashups. Get his whole 62-minute carnival here:

Tem Gringo No Mashup

The title translates to "Foreigners in the Mashup,"
and it features two RIAA tracks, both featuring '60s lounge organ master Walter Wanderley: "It’s Like That Summer Samba" (w/Run DMC), and Poker Samba (w/Lady Gaga). And the mix is dedicated to me! (takes a bow) and Boston's dj BC.

Friday, November 5, 2010


This site is the home of:

- RIAA, raiding the sonic junkyards of the world to create toe-tappin' sound collages
Mr. Fab: DJ, record collector, blogger, analog synth/theremin improvs & silly songs

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PO Box 876
North Hollywood, CA 91601


- In 2005 Beck - yes, the Beck - posted a link on his Beck.com site to RIAA's tune "Bring The Strippers!"

- Broad/web/podcast play all over the world has included:

-- WFMU's "Do or D.I.Y." program, who once featured a 45-minute mix of RIAA musics. Host Vicki Bennett (a legend in mashup/sound collage circles for her work as People Like Us) has described our music as "wonderful, spirited and courageous." Ms. People Like Us has frequently commissioned mash-mixes from RIAA for the show.
-- The IdioAudio show on Toronto station CKLN once featured an hour of RIAA musics.
-- Slander Bob on Austin, TX KAOS played a big ol' 2-hour mix of our stuff Feb. 2010.
-- Mashup of the Day on Los Angeles' Indie103 (an actual commercial station that has since changed formats)

- RIAA was asked to contribute an (unused) mashup to the 2006 Antonio Banderas film "Take The Lead"

- RIAA's song "Wake Me Up When September 11 Ends" won WFMU's "Remix Rudy"
contest out of 50 or so entries. The prize: a big box full o' CDs, T-shirts, trading cards, books 'n' things.

- Our 2006 album "
Dirt Bacharach" made WFMU's Top Ten Albums of the Year list, and was ranked #1 on John Sakamoto of the Toronto Star's "Anti-Hit List" who described it as "one of the year's most startling full-length mash-up projects."

- Mr Fab has DJed at
BootieLA. Bootie is America's first, and most acclaimed, mashup club.

Check out this video interview part 1 and part 2 featuring Mr. Fab, and Adrian & The Mysterious D. from Club Bootie from 2005 .

- Here's an interview I gave to the syndicated show Some Assembly Required in 2006 - not terribly informative, but mildly amusing.- The British podcast Saturday Night With The Who Boys had a fairly ridiculous interview with Mr Fab in '07.
- Here is a more useful interview, courtesy of DJ Useo and Bartcop Entertainment.

- RIAA tunes have been spun by DJs at clubs and music events around the world

- From April 2003 to June 2004, Mr. Fab operated Pranksta Radio, an all mashup/sound-collage music online station, on Live365.