Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RIAA "USA: The Singles"

Here's a radio-friendly!! collection of 18 pop-song-sized excerpts from "USA" (including sample sources):

USA: The Singles

01 The Kitchen of Tomorrow (the film "Design For Dreaming," Esquivel, Mark Farina, Martin Denny)
02 Sweet Dreams of Destruction (The Eurythmics, Barry McGuire, Marilyn Manson) *
03 I Shall Overcome Smiling Faces (Hard Fi, The Undisputed Truth, Led Zeppelin)
04 American Fuhrer (Green Day, Spike Jones, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings)
05 Hey Ho Plateau (The Ramones, the Audio 2, the Meat Puppets)
06 Strange Strings (Billie Holiday, Samuel Barber)
07 Marty '79 (Lemon Jelly, Ernest Borgnine from the film "Marty")
08 Happy Heart of Home (Nelson Riddle, 2pac, "DuBarry Makeup Routine," Gaynor and Dorothy Maddox, Beastie Boys beatz)
09 Long Live the Fertile Meadows (Limewax, Public Enemy, Talking Heads)
10 Mr Firestarter Lover Man (William Shatner, Prodigy, Sly & the Family Stone, The MC5, "Don't Know Much About History" audio book, Chic, Tom Jones, David Peel & The Lower East Side, Black Sabbath's manager and rioting fans)
11 Jesus Gonna be in Devil Town (Sinatra, Tom Waits, Daniel Johnston)
12 The Lonely Soldier (U.S. Marines, Jack Nitzsche)
13 McDubalds ("Where Was God on Sept. 11?" audio book, Barry Manilow, The Clash, Mojo Nixon, Tom Waits)
14 Go West, Young Mr Blue Sky (ELO, The Village People, Will Smith)
15 Rosie's Trippin' (Dick Dale, "Negro Prison songs")
16 I Wish You Wouldn't Come Over (Gnawledge, Talking Heads, X, "Bess Rothman's Charm With Cents")
17 Lets Have A Macarena (Hal Lindsey, Victor Lundberg, Los Del Rio, Fear)
18 Pleasant Valley Duck and Cover (the Monkees, Civil Defense Dept.)

* Not only did ma homie Voicedude help in the making of this tune, he actually knows Barry McGuire personally and played him the song.
McGuire was amazed!

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