Saturday, January 9, 2010


...for recently playing our tunes:

Friendly Persuasion - Otis Fodder's been hosting this crucial excursion into the weird and wonderful on and off for 10 years now (in internet-land, that's ancient!)

DJ Shoe of KUNV's The Lyons Den radio show played "Santa's Acid Hawaiian Space Disco" on his "Christmas mix 2009" show.

Station Manager
Ken on WFMU has been playing plenty off the new RIAA collection "Reality Is An Accident," and both he and the Bopst Show played some stuff off of 2008's dark 'n' creepy "Madnight" collection recently.

Speaking of "Reality..." the
AudioPornCentral music news blog mentioned it, calling us their "fave mad music genius" (Gosh!)

KGNU's "
Afternoon Sound Alternative" WTJU's "Radio Wowsville," and le Mamie Van Doren Show from Toulouse, France also gave spins to tracks off the new collection.
"Some Assembly Required" and DJ Useo's podcasts have been playing us consistently for so long now, I feel that they should get another mention - just for being them.

Listen to all these shows! Buy whatever they're selling! Have their babies! Cuz they all rock 'n' rule, and I appreciate the spins.

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