Friday, November 20, 2009

RIAA: Reality Is An Accident

RIAA's new album is some of the weirdest, wackiest stuff that we've recorded in the last year or two. You can grab the whole thing here:

Dead Like Me - Pussycat Dolls song “Don’t Cha,” The Cyrcle/Paul Simon’s “Red Rubber Ball,” some L.A. Dream Time (” in the house”), a goofy version of Blood Sweat & Tear’s “Spinning Wheel,” the robot from the ‘50s film “Colossus: The Forbin Project,” Spike Jones' version of Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse,” and lots and lots of wacky! comedy! samples! (Originally appeared on DJ Useo’s comp “It Is 2 Laff.”)
2. King of Rooque - RunDMC vs Les Hauts de Plafond “Ca M’est Completement Egal”, plus a bit of the Finnish Screaming Men’s Choir “Star Spangled Banner”
The Crafty King of Carrowocky - Neutral Milk Hotel vs Beastie Boys vs Sean McGaughey reading Lewis Carroll
4. Debasement a Go Go - The Pixies vs Roger Roger “Gags a Go-Go” vs The Specials “Concrete Jungle”
5. KKK (Kooky Komedy Kut-Up) - Sources: lots of stuff, inc. old records, new music, movies, tv, radio, speeches, sound effects
6. I Saw Her Things - Dean Martin & Nancy Sinatra vs dogs singing the Beatles, with a bit of Beach Boys. And beatz. Originally appeared on the Mashup Industries various-artists Dino tribute album “King of the Road.”
7. Eraserhead Serenade - Peter Ivors’ “In Heaven” (from the film “Eraserhead”) vs Crystal Method “Ready for Action” with a bit of Geza X: “Mean Mr. Mommy Man”. Originally appeared on the David Lynch tribute album “Mashed in Plastic.” Check the video.
8. Chicken Slacks - Sam Cooke vs Ray Stevens/Henhouse Five “In The Mood,” Soft Cell “Tainted Love.”
9. El Psycho Watusi - Ray Barreto, The Sonics, Bernard Hermann, The Beatles, Lords of the Underground; originally appeared on the “Bride of Monster Mashup” various artists comp in 2008
10. KKK2 (She Hates The Jonas Brothers) - David Rose & His Orchestra, Kelis, eminem goes to the circus, lots of funny little clips.
11. Some Assembly Required - The theme to the mashup/sound collage radio show “Some Assembly Required” vs a country song “Only in America” + wacky sound effects
12. Youre Pootyful - James Blunt vs Ming & FS “Madhattan Bound,” with Mickey Avalon “My Dick”, and rude sound effects.
13. A Golden Induction Is A Gust of Brown Air - RIAA mixed People Like Us’ poem cut-up contribution to WFMU’s Inaugurable Poem Remix challenge with The Stranglers’ “Golden Brown.“
14. Babar's Tusk - Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” vs a ‘Babar’ kiddie record, and some David Lee Roth; originally appeared on Radio Clash’s “Fleetwood Mix” mashup collection.
15. Spinning Rubber Sing Thing - Big Bird vs Ernie vs The Shaggs vs Cale & Eno; originally appeared on dj BC’s “Muppet Mashup” collection. (Thanks to BC for the Autotune!)

Artwork: "The Ecstasy of Caroline" by Mark Ryden, additional graphics from DJ Useo


  1. At the end of I SAW HER THINGS, there is a snip of Les Baronets (Quebec duo, Pierre Labelle and René Angelil before he became Mr. Celine Dion)

  2. I played I Saw Her Things at Quebec City'S CKRL - very good stuff, my friend!