Monday, November 23, 2009

RIAA Sells Out

Started a new Fairtilizer playlist for streaming listening/downloading of RIAA mashups using songs that people have actually heard of. No weird thrift-store records! Well, not that many at least! Pop! Trendy!

Only three tunes up so far:

"Come As The Eighties" - Nirvana vs the song they ripped off by Killing Joke; one of our more popular numbers, especially after the Bootie crew posted it on their sites as one of their fave songs of the month; sightings of this track include: a "dodgy" video (not crediting us); "Ashes To 80s", a much better video, using footage from the show "Ashes To Ashes;" and a merci to Totom for some radio play in France.

"Shut Up And Take The Night" - Chelley (a big hit on LA hip-hop radio this past summer) vs The Ting Tings; by RIAA (Rosemary’s Inspiration: Aerobic Activity), so named because Mrs Fab heard the Chelley tune in her workout class and came up with the idea for this combo her own self.

"I Found That Jesus Rare" - speaking of Bootie, this previously unreleased one features Adrian from Bootie (and Smashup Derby, his live mashup band) singing Depeche Mode over Gang of Four.

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